Snackpass is an app that lets you skip the line, collect reward points, and get discounts at restaurants near you!

Snackpass also powers Online Ordering and Virtual Menu (QR codes) for many of your favorite places to eat!

How it Works: 

  1. Use the Snackpass app to order on the go! (or use a Snackpass Online Ordering website, or a Snackpass Virtual Menu QR Code, or a Snackpass Kiosk at your fave restaurant!)

  2. Go to the designated Snackpass pick up station, or ask for the Snackpass order using your name!

  3. Skip the line, grab your food and go!

  4. If you used the app, gift the point from your order to a Snackpasss friend to redeem rewards for free food, and hatch your own Snackpass chicken together 😃

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