What is Snackpass?

Snackpass powers order ahead for your restaurant.ย 

Snackpass has several products that help you get the most out of your restaurant. Our most popular product is an order ahead app, but we can also help you go contactless with Digital Menus, monetize your web presence with Online Ordering, and lastly help you save money with Self-Serve Kiosks. With the Snackpass App, you can:

  1. Engage customers with loyalty, reminders via push notifications and email, and promotions

  2. Tap into our customer base of 50,000+ customers around your business

  3. Streamline orders and make it easy for customers to order on their phones

  4. See an average of $5,000 a month in incremental revenue

With Snackpass Digital Menus, you can:

  1. Operate your business responsibly & safely throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

  2. Allow your customers to order from you completely contact free

  3. Reduce lines since customers can order directly from their phones

  4. Streamline orders so you can be more efficient

With Snackpass Online Ordering, you can:

  1. Start earning more money by giving your customers another way to buy your products

  2. Feel confident that your customers will love your ordering interface as our converts at 7x the national average

  3. Streamline orders so you can be more efficient

  4. Ability to have multiple locations on the same site

With Snackpass Self-Serve Kiosks, you can:

  1. Save thousands of dollars every month on labor costs

  2. Upsell every customer and increase your average ticket price

  3. Streamline orders so you can be more efficient

  4. Ability to reach customers after they leave through messages to their phones

Does Snackpass bring in new customers?
Yes! We specialize in bringing you new customers. Letโ€™s connect and make a plan to start increasing your business!

How Does Snackpass Work?
How do I get orders?
We provide a tablet to receive all Snackpass orders. Need extra convenience? We have the ability to integrate into over 80+ Point of Sale Systems. We can even provide printers as well.

How do I get paid?
Weโ€™ll direct deposit your sales to your account weekly. Need extra convenience? We have the ability to pay you daily for a small fee.

When can I get started?
Set up is easy! Simply fill this quick form. Weโ€™ll get right back to you so you can start receiving orders asap.

What Does Snackpass Charge?
We charge a small fee per transaction, but donโ€™t worry, itโ€™s nothing like the high fees other 3rd party companies charge. Snackpass puts our restaurant partners first, not profits.


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