Now that you’re live on Snackpass, there are some critical tools that will immediately bring more customers to your store, increase your average order size, save your staff time and energy, and encourage your customers to keep coming back. Market research shows that most customers prefer ordering online and those who do order online order more frequently, order more items per ticket, are more likely to try a new restaurant and more likely to return to a restaurant.

Additionally, Google Business Listings and social media links spotlight your store and drive customer traffic to your website which will subsequently increase your orders, grow your customer base, and will help differentiate you from your competitors. In our short and easy guides, we will show you how to add an online ordering button to your website and how to add a link to your Google Business Listing or social media page in just a few easy steps that takes only minutes to complete.

Here is a list of guides for adding an online ordering button to your website:








Here is a list of guides for driving more customers to your store:

Google Business Listings

Social Media

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