Has your Google My Business (GMB) listing been hijacked? If so, it need not be the end of the world. It may not have been done by a nefarious act. There are many reasons you may not be able to control your GMB listing, such as:

  • A former employee set it up, and you don’t have the email address they used to set it up.

  • An advertising or marketing agency you hired set this up and you just don’t have access.

So, let’s take a look at how you can take back control of your Google My Business page:

Step 1: In your browser, go to http://google.com/business or http://business.google.com or simply search for “Google My Business” on google.com

The Start Page of Google My Business (GMB)
Click on “Start Now”

Step 2: Log in to your GMB page and see if you are locked out. To do this, use your email and password when prompted and answer the questions about your company.

After logging in, answer a series of questions about your business

Step 3: If you see this page that says someone else has already verified this Google listing:

Then there are two possibilities:

  1. If you recognize your email address, then you’ve already claimed/verified your GMB profile using a different profile. Log out of whichever email address you are currently logged into and log back in using the email address that you saw in step #3. You can now manage your GMB page. There is no need to continue.

  2. If the email addressed used to verify the GMB listing is not your email address, then you need to request ownership. Click on “Request Ownership” or “Request Access”.

Step 4: After clicking on the button, you’ll will be taken to a page that looks like the image below:

Hit yes on “Share your info with the current owner….” For level of access, click “Ownership” and for relationship, “Owner.” Fill in the contact name and number, in case the current owner (the owner of the email address used to verify the business listing) is an employee or a former marketing agency contracted by you, they can see that you are requesting ownership from them.

Click on the submit button to the send the request.

Step 5: Wait. The current owner will get this message:

The owner can then grant you ownership, reject your request, or they might not respond at all. It’s best to give them seven (7) working days as it takes about a week for people to digest and respond to these things.
If they grant you ownership, then you’re done. There is no need to continue. If they hey don’t respond or should they reject your request, then move on to step 5.

Step 6: Appeal the decision. When you get the response, click on “Appeal Now” on the message and follow the instructions and agree to the terms of service and click on continue.

Step 7: Complete the manual verification. They want to see that you are that business at that location. These are the steps

Step 8: Search email for restaurant name (ex: “Hunan”)

Step 9: Open email and click “Appeal Now”

Step 10: Click “Appeal“

Step 11: Click “Manage now“

*If the below screen loads, you waited too long. Go back and open your email to start over

Step 12: If done correctly you’ll see this

*(only the preface or “Info” prior to the “@...” in email is editable

Step 13: Choose method:

Contact the restaurant and tell them to forward you the email they receive from google or contact the restaurant and tell them google will call them shortly after your call and to record down the exact code Google gives over the phone. This will be a robo call, so if using the phone call method, make sure it is not a busy time for the restaurant and the phone attendant will be reliable and responsible. For best results use the email method whenever possible (confirm the owner has access to the email)

*In the above example, there is no “[email protected]”, so email was edited to “comments” @...

Step 14: Enter the code

Your email will look like this

Once verified, you’ll see this notice

Step 15: In the case that email and phone will not work, please select “None of these will work for me” and proceed as follows


Need help? Click the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page.

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