Party Mode is a way for friends to order together! Creating a party allows you to coordinate the ordering experience with your friends and gives you a discount for you and your friends. The more people in your party, the greater the discount! 🤑

Party Mode is not available at all restaurants. If the option to create a party is available at a restaurant, you'll see it listed on the restaurant menu beneath Discounts.

A couple things to keep in mind about Party Mode 😇

  • Before the orders are placed, everyone must have an item added to their cart.

  • You can checkout by tapping the Checkout button.

  • Once items are added to your cart, tap Place Order.

  • Hungry, and don't want to wait? Click the red door at the top left of the party to leave.

  • Once leaving the party, you will not have access to that group discount.

  • At this time, party mode does not support delivery orders and credit cannot be used.

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